GMEC & Committees

  1. Registration of GMEC as a trust/foundation: Edinbox from Secretariat

  2. Making of the GMEC portal: Shinakshi from Secretariat

  3. Psychometric Test: Plan and content: USP and Prof Mrinal C

  4. UG Admission Test: three samples: UKC, Monisa Q, Sajal M

  5. Plan to organize first academic seminar: GMEC Meets Media Educationists of India: KG Suresh, Ambrish S

  6. Plan to organize Media Olympiad: Rubal K, Tabeenah Q

  7. Plan to Organize a Film Festival: Sandeep M, Gauri C & Vivek Vaswani

  8. Outline of an ideal 2D-3D Animation Course: Ashish Kulkarni

  9. Outline of an ideal Data Journalism Course: USP

  10. Outline of an ideal Introductory course on Media Convergence: UKC

  11. Outline of an ideal Media Literacy course: Ambrish S

  12.  Plan of Online Internships: Monisa Q, Sapna MS

  13.  Plan for one day youth program: Creating a Media & Communication Career: How and Where Do You Start from?: Vijay K, UKC, Jainendra S

  14.  Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Development Communication: Pradip M

  15. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Communication Theory & Research: Sunil B & Nandini L

  16. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Rural & Grassroots Journalism (in Hindi): Sanjeev B.

  17. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Media Management: Bhaskar D

  18. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Culture & Heritage Journalism (in Hindi): RM Pathak, Sanjeev B, Jainendra S

  19. Outline of an in depth workshop on Tackling Post-truths & False Content: Ankuran D

  20. Developing the concept and content plan for the e-newsletter of GMEC: Anil K

  21. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Visual Story-telling: Tabeenah Q.

  22. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Television Management (Business, Revenues, Process Management, etc): Vijay K

  23. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Radio Production (News & Features): Jainendra Singh

  24. Outline of an ideal Syllabus on Gaming Media: Ashish K

  25. Detailed plan for Branding and Marketing  in the UG AIMCET (entrance test): Edinbox

  26. Planning national webinar on Bridging Digital Divide : Subho Sengupta and UKC